Tsuru to Aiharu

Connecting​ our hart and Hina dolls


​ Hina doll is one of traditional and important doll which is displayed to wish daughter's happiness at Hinamatsuri (the special day for girls) on 3 March of each year, in japan. Many Japanese celebrates their daughters with their family members and displayed Hina dolls. 
 The doll is made by artisans, and it takes plenty of time to make one doll as it's hand crafted.
 The culture and tradition are still continuing, and more, the beauty of Hina doll has been made sophisticated year and year.
 We are trying to create an hina doll which is unique and to spread japanese mode of color combinations as one of craft.



The Style

​Modern + Iki(good-looking)

It is authentic, but new looking.

You'll find Iki in it.

The Points

Traditional × Brand-new

 Tsuruto meets Artisans make traditional Hina doll.

Kimono × Japanese Sprit

Vintage kimono is used with no-waste mind.

 Authentic × Simple

Essential design, simple display.





The Variation 

"I" Black and Red

Red makes modern on black base color 

仮予約 / pre-order

*When we will have prepared for announcing the detail of Hina doll, we will send you an e-mail.


Tetsushi Aida

To make one Hina doll


​ Until we see displayed Hina doll, at least more than 50 different artisans work for making one. The process is not easy but used hands and few tools.

 Artisans give their energy and hearts into the doll when they're making.

 We are collaborating with Aiharu-Ningyo which is one of company has many good artisans in Koshigaya-city, Saitama. They've still made Hina doll in traditional way, so our Hina doll is a mix of authenticity and Brand-new.

 Our mission is to spread Japanese sense of creation, and meets new inspiration. And the new style of our culture will begin through one Hina doll.


Photo : Kaedesign

The members of TSURUTO

Creative director



 He was born in countryside north of Japan, Aomori-ken. 20 years later, He started to be curious about the relation between “Things” and “Living” during he had taken a gap year in New Zealand.” And then he decided to start a business to spread good quality Japanese product when he back to Japan. In 2018, he met the producer of TSURUTO and joined hands with the project.

Producer/Graphic designer

OKATA Tomoko

She started to work in NGO after the experience of being a volunteer in India and Germany. In 2008, she started to run an accessory brand at her own company for making reduction of clothing wastes. The company proactively tried working for resolving the social problem, such as mass waste. She has been curious about japanese own culture as she knew how many Kimonos were thrown away. In 2015, The project named TSURUTO began. After a few years, the shop of Tsuruto has opened at historic area in Koshigaya city. 

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